There are two kinds of leadership on GENTS:

Assistant Leaders

Grade 11 and 12 Students who have shown an interest in GENTS camp and a willingness to serve may be invited back to be mentored as an assistant leader over their last two years of high School.

What is GENTS Assistant Leadership?

Assistant leadership is for students in Year 11 & 12 who want to complete a leadership apprenticeship, where they are taught the practical skills of leadership as well as attitudes that all good leaders possess, through GENTS Camp ministry. Assistant leaders are appointed by invitation of the serving camp directors and you can email us below to express interest.

Assistant leaders are given a mentor during their time on camp, who will give them feedback and support, and gradually release more and more responsibility to the assistant leader as they demonstrate their ability to handle that responsibility. Once students have completed their assistant leadership apprenticeship, they are invited to become part of the leadership team, having met all the requirements of assistant leadership. 

What’s my role?

As a GENTS Camp assistant leader you will be responsible for assisting the leaders in supervising a group of about 5-10 guys, participating in all the awesome activities with them, and sharing your faith with them! Assistant leaders are an integral part of how GENTS camp runs and we rely on assistant leaders to prepare tribal wars and activities to help camp run smoothly.

You can email us with the button below. Please include “Assistant Leadership” in the subject line to help us respond quickly.l


GENTS camp is a volunteer program and relies on the support and service of committed leaders to continue to run. Leaders are invited by the existing community of GENTS leaders and directors and serve the community of GENTS on and around camp.

What is GENTS Leadership?

On GENTS we are committed to fostering in boys real manhood and authentic christian faith and it’s crucial that our leaders have the same traits and lead godly lives.

More experienced leaders may have the responsibility of mentoring an Assistant Leader through their apprenticeship and encouraging them on their walk with Christ.

What’s my role?

As a GENTS leader you will work with other leaders to train and encourage the boys on camp in small groups and fun activities thorughout camp.

You can email us with the button below. Please include “GENTS Leadership” in the subject line to help us respond quickly.