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GENTS Romania

A team from the Scripture Union South Australia has joined with Scripture Union Romania for the launch of GENTS Romania. It will be full of all the usual great GENTS Camp activities: Tribal wars, chanting, SPiritual InpuT (SPIT), great food, rite of passage, and much more. It will be where boys become men.

Beautiful northern lights (aurora borealis) over a road.

GENTS Finland

Where is it?

GENTS camp first began in Finland in… spiel.


GENTS Uganda

Watoto Child Care Ministries

GENTS Camp has partnered with Watoto Child Care Ministries, an organisation that looks after 3,000 orphaned boys and girls in Uganda, East Africa. The parents of these children have either passed away or are unable to care for them due to their circumstances. A Watoto Children’s village consists of homes, schools, medical clinics and a vocational training centre. Each home has a mother and eight children, but no fathers and very little male involvement in the children’s lives.


GENTS Zambia

Where is it?

GENTS Camp has partnered with Seeds of Hope Ministries, an organisation caring for children in Zambia. Over the years, we have seen hundreds of boys come to know Jesus, be encouraged in their faith, and go on serving God as men themselves. With your help, we would like to make GENTS Zambia even bigger in the coming years and to empower and train Zambian men to continue the work in the future. 

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